Why Friendica?

After having entered the Fediverse through Mastodon, I couldn't resist the temptation to try other networks. And it was this exploration that led me to discover Friendica, one of the oldest networks in the whole Fediverse. And I really must say that Friendica has become my favourite network!

“Why is that so?”, you may ask. Let me try to explain that briefly:

  1. It connects to most other networks. I think this is the way all social networks should be built; people should be able to connect with their friends and discover new friendships regardless of their network choice.

  2. It doesn't have a silly and restrictive character number for your posts! This one is also very important if you, like me, are not a great fan of feeling restricted by the number of characters you can use to write a reply to a post/publication/toot...

  3. You can use Markdown. Yes, you can use Markdown and your posts do look great!

  4. You can edit your posts. Everybody makes some typos once in a while. So, its great to have the possibility of editing that old post and correct that typo without having to delete it and write a new one!

  5. It has a great text editor. It really comes handy to have a good tool to create your posts.

  6. It has a “more mature” feeling to it. This might be important if you're not a fan of all those flashy backgrounds...

  7. The community is very friendly, which is great, and very helpful too!

So, these are, in short, the main reasons why Friendica has become my favourite home in the Fediverse, and libranet.de my favourite server.

#friendica #fediverse #markdown #mastodon #100DaysToOffload – 26