Why does Google AI read our email?

Automatic privacy

This is a question that we should be asking ourselves... And, if we did, we would find the answer very quickly: because we allow them to!

We allow Google, Facebook and their families to read everything that we write. We have no private life for these companies. They don't care that we want to keep our lives and conversations private!

But, you ask, “Why should I care? I don't have anything to hide!”

Well, let me ask you this: When you're talking to a friend at your favourite café, do you speak in such a loud voice that everybody can hear you? And, when they don't listen to your conversation, do you make sure that they pay attention to your dialogue?! I thought so!

So, it doesn't matter if you have anything to hide or not. It doesn't matter what you talk about. The point is that those who were not invited to have dinner with us shouldn't sit at our table and listen to us talking about the football match or the film we watched, that beautiful person we saw when we were coming to the café, the new car we're planning to buy or our future family plans! This is what matters!

Until some years ago, you had to use PGP to avoid being spied on by the big tech. But, we must admit, it was a bit too techie!

Then came Tutanota and ProtonMail and other email services that provide true privacy and security to your conversations. But you needed to have your own domain to keep the same email address or create a new one.

In 2016 p≡p came to life! And, with it, you can use your regular email service and start to use email safely! And, what's best, you don't need to be a techie to use it!

It offers “Automatic privacy”, “End-to-end encryption” and...

It's “Fully decentralized”!

Fully decentralized

The only thing that you need to do is to install Mozilla Thunderbird and the p≡p add-on and set up your regular email account in Thunderbird. You can also install the app from your regular app store and read the same emails on your smartphone. Thunderbird and the p≡p app will sync all email for you automatically!!!

Then, invite your family and friends to use it too and start to build your trusted email community.

Pretty Easy Privacy is completely Open Source, free and will ensure that all your emails are well protected and that your communications stay as they always should have been: secure and private!