Two years on the Fediverse and... Hubzilla!

February is the month that marks my entrance into the Fediverse. It was in 2019, after I had deleted my mainstream social accounts.

I started by opening an account on Mastodon but, after a year, I was banned from mastodon dot social without any reason or explanation. (You can read that story here if you like: account suspension — Escrito à máquina...)

While, at first, I was upset, I came to realise that that was the best thing they could have done to me!

Being banned from mastodon dot social made look for alternatives and I found them! I have discovered – Mastodon (PT), a friendly Portuguese community; Pleroma, Friendica, Diaspora, Misskey and the one I really think is the The ultimate network — Escrito à máquina...: Hubzilla.

I've created an Hubzilla account early this month and I am using it as my main home in the great Fediverse now.

If you haven't tried it, I really think you ought to explore it. You might get surprised! It's a feature rich network with great looks!

In the process I made a silly mistake, but the community is very helpful and everything is in its place now. It's all part of the fun!

So, my friends, if you haven't done it so far, please accept my invitation and follow me on my new Fediverse home on Hubzilla and let's explore it together!

The only downside about this two-year voyage of mine is that none of my long term friends from the mainstream networks followed me, not even my close family! So, yes, even though the Fediverse is full of nice and friendly people, sometimes it feels a bit lonely... But that's another story... And I keep discovering nice and friendly people daily!

#Fediverse #Hubzilla #newhome