Tuxedo WebFAI upgrade

My Tuxedo

Today, exactly two months have passed since I've received my Tuxedo PC and I decided that I had to upgrade it from TuxedoOS 18.04 LTS to TuxedoOS 20.04 LTS, a flavour of Ubuntu with Budgie desktop.

To do this I used their WebFAI tool that automates the whole process.

@tuxedocomputers@linuxrocks.online have really created a great way to upgrade their machines, making it a no-brainer process! Everything went on flawlessly and during the afternoon I was able to perform the upgrade, install all the programmes that I need, another complete distro on VirtualBox and Windows 10 + Office and some other programmes on a second VirtualBox installation! And all my hardware is also set up!

What else can I say? Perhaps that Linux rocks and Tuxedo Computers rocks too!

#100DaysToOffload – 1