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Sometimes, —far too many times, I would say—, I find myself in the situation of landing on a webpage for the first time because one of my online friends shared it and I found it interesting.

Then, one of two things usually happen: either I am presented with a pop-up window asking me to select the type of cookies that I will accept or I I'll have another pop-up window asking me to accept the entire family of cookies that resides there! And I find this very strange and, at the same time, stupidly interesting!

How come that webpages that are supposed to abide by the GPDR try to force the reader to accept their cookies to be able to access their content?

How come that not giving the readers the chance to choose the type of cookies they allow to enter their computers is abiding by the GPDR and respect the reader's freedom of choice, privacy and security?

How come that these sites are still allowed to be online?

How come that we continue to accept this situation?

These sites aren't showing any respect for their readers when they give us the ultimatum: accept if you want to read or leave!

Fortunately, we still have the choice and, unless it's really mandatory to use it, I LEAVE!

#privacy #security #webpages #GDPR #respect