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February is the month that marks my entrance into the Fediverse. It was in 2019, after I had deleted my mainstream social accounts.

I started by opening an account on Mastodon but, after a year, I was banned from mastodon dot social without any reason or explanation. (You can read that story here if you like: account suspension — Escrito à máquina...)

While, at first, I was upset, I came to realise that that was the best thing they could have done to me!

Being banned from mastodon dot social made look for alternatives and I found them! I have discovered – Mastodon (PT), a friendly Portuguese community; Pleroma, Friendica, Diaspora, Misskey and the one I really think is the The ultimate network — Escrito à máquina...: Hubzilla.

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Zotlabs|Hubzilla –

Well, my friends, I think that my quest for the best platform (IMHO) on the #Fediverse has reached its end! I've found HUBZILLA!

I already knew about its existence but I hadn't decided to try it yet. It was only after a friend asked me if I “hadn't tried a bit of Hubzilla” that I decided to give it a try! And I finally discovered that this was the network that I'd been looking for since I started blogging! Had I started using it — instead of Mastodon — and I wouldn't have ever suffered the disappointment of being banned by the stupid staff of certain well known instance!

So, why is Hubzilla the ultimate network in the whole Fediverse?

Well, it looks great!

Your posts and photos look really great, even on big screens!

It has no silly character limit!

It supports Markdown!

It connects to Mastodon, Friendica, Diaspora and many other networks!

It has tons of interesting and useful features like the possibility of creating webpages and using WebDAV to access and share your files!

You can create up to ten channels!

Your identity is nomadic, which means that you own your identity and it isn't liked to any server. You can move it to any other server at any time!

And you can clone your channel to any number of other servers. If one goes down, you just need to log in to another and keep blogging! They are all always in sync!

Here is my new home on the great Fediverse:

João Pinheiro –

And you can check its clones on the following links:

João Pinheiro –

João Pinheiro –

And... These are the reasons that allow me to conclude that Hubzilla is the ultimate network! But you'll have to find that out by yourselves!

Oh! Have I already said that it looks great?!

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Being a very curious person and a teacher always in the pursue of innovative means to convey the message and to help my students develop their skills and evolve into better human beings has been the drive for my willingness to learn more and explore new ways of doing things.

Since a very early age, around my 12 years of age, when computers started to be a thing in Portugal, I had the luck of being given one by my grandfather. It opened the door for more exploration and new discoveries.

One area that I must confess I'm very fond of is social networking. Another one is communication. Well, social networking is a form of communication. I also like photography very much! And many other things... But, let's not allow this list to grow bigger...

So, my main use of the Internet revolves around communicating with others, whether it is through social networks or any tool that allows the communication with others and also sharing/viewing photography related sites.

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