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Being a very curious person and a teacher always in the pursue of innovative means to convey the message and to help my students develop their skills and evolve into better human beings has been the drive for my willingness to learn more and explore new ways of doing things.

Since a very early age, around my 12 years of age, when computers started to be a thing in Portugal, I had the luck of being given one by my grandfather. It opened the door for more exploration and new discoveries.

One area that I must confess I'm very fond of is social networking. Another one is communication. Well, social networking is a form of communication. I also like photography very much! And many other things... But, let's not allow this list to grow bigger...

So, my main use of the Internet revolves around communicating with others, whether it is through social networks or any tool that allows the communication with others and also sharing/viewing photography related sites.

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After having entered the Fediverse through Mastodon, I couldn't resist the temptation to try other networks. And it was this exploration that led me to discover Friendica, one of the oldest networks in the whole Fediverse. And I really must say that Friendica has become my favourite network!

“Why is that so?”, you may ask. Let me try to explain that briefly:

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A seven-minute review

I joined the Fediverse in February 2019 after having erased my 9-year old accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

I erased my old accounts because I was tired of being a supporter of networks owned by Mark Zuckerberg, a man that doesn't respect anyone but himself and who has made his name and fortune based on the creation of networks that make money through the abusive use of our personal data whether we agree with it or not! This was the only reason why I left his networks. I had to be true to my principles! There was no other reason whatsoever. There had been absolutely no problem with anyone during those 9 years!

That happened in December 2018. In February 2019, as I told you before, I joined Mastodon.

So, how has my 500-day experience on the Fediverse been?, you may ask.

Well, I can say that travelling this road hasn't been as smooth as I wished it to be. Let's see why...

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another article on closing Mastodon doors!

Today I woke up very early. Sometimes that happens... It was about 5 a.m. and little did I know that I had awoken to a big surprise!

I went to the bathroom and, while there, I checked my e-mail and there was this e-mail waiting for me: was informing me that my account had been suspended and everything I had posted during the past year had been permanently erased!

The e-mail explained the reason why such action had been taken:

“Some of your toots have been reported as advocating hate, or violence against minorities.”

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