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City of Broken Promises

A while ago a friend wrote a brief review of this book and it immediately caught my attention! Now it's my turn to tell you what I thought about it.

My attention was caught by the fact that it is set up in Macao, an “ancient [ex-]Portuguese colony” and it's about the true love story between an East India Company officer, Thomas van Mierop, and his mistress, Martha.

Let me tell you that this is not going to be a deep review of the book. That, my dear reader, will have to be done by yourself!

But I can tell you that the book met all my expectations:

  • It is a vivid portrait of 18th century Macao;
  • It pictures the Portuguese presence in Macao with absolute clarity;
  • It draws a perfect image of the British presence in Macao;
  • It depicts clearly the Chinese community in Macao;
  • It shows us the intricate relations that were established between these societies and how that made Macao society and all its complexity;
  • It presents us with a beautiful love story that overcomes all the complex relations between all these communities and lives beyond the end of the book.

So, if you like History and a bit of romance, as well as understanding the way societies and human relations have evolved through times, this is a great read!

It is also a great read if you enjoy a well written book!

In the end, there's only one thing I'm yet to understand: How on Earth hasn't a film been made based on this beautiful story?!

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My Tuxedo

Today, exactly two months have passed since I've received my Tuxedo PC and I decided that I had to upgrade it from TuxedoOS 18.04 LTS to TuxedoOS 20.04 LTS, a flavour of Ubuntu with Budgie desktop.

To do this I used their WebFAI tool that automates the whole process. have really created a great way to upgrade their machines, making it a no-brainer process! Everything went on flawlessly and during the afternoon I was able to perform the upgrade, install all the programmes that I need, another complete distro on VirtualBox and Windows 10 + Office and some other programmes on a second VirtualBox installation! And all my hardware is also set up!

What else can I say? Perhaps that Linux rocks and Tuxedo Computers rocks too!

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