Social networking


The human being is a social creature: everybody lives in a society and establishes his/her/their social networks. It happens both in real life and in the digital world, which is also part of real life.

In the real world the smaller communities interact with each other and with the bigger ones and the human being has created ways to enable the communication between them all regardless of the distance that separates them.

Cars, planes, trains, boats, spaceships, etc. have been developed so that the human being can communicate and interact with those who live very far away.

Phones, TV, computers, the Internet, etc. have been developed with the same goal.

And, then, men created the Internet. And the Internet was good because it enabled communication between everyone that could connect to it. It was the pinnacle of the development of human communication! Any given citizen of any society, even the remote ones, could interact with someone living thousands of kilometres away using a fantastic and simple tool called email! Webpages could also be seen and voice and image could travel to anywhere in this beautiful planet!

But, then, some men created the isolated islands that are known today as the social media or social networks! As odd as it may seem, most mainstream social networks don't connect people! They isolate them! They do so by placing people inside these gigantic bubbles and not allowing them to peek outside them! How can this even be considered a form of social networking? Hadn't it been the desire to connect people all over the planet the driving force that lead to the development of such great tools in first place?

Fortunately, there's the Fediverse, a place which is like the email applied to the true social networking idea, where people can connect with each other, even if they are not on the same network.

It's a federation of different states that have been building a global community where people interact with one another regardless of their place or network preference. It's a place where freedom of choice is a fact.

Unfortunately, the Fediverse is not perfect. There are still bridges to be built because some networks connect to fewer networks than others. But many bridges have already been built and many more will be built too. And, hopefully, one day we will all be able to connect with anyone we want without having to be worried about whether the networks we are on connect with one another or not.

Only when we are able to use social networks like we use a car, a plane or a boat to travel to a different country will we be able to talk about true social networking! Until that day comes, we'll go on helping our great Fediverse thrive and become the global garden that we want it to become.

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