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After having entered the Fediverse through Mastodon, I couldn't resist the temptation to try other networks. And it was this exploration that led me to discover Friendica, one of the oldest networks in the whole Fediverse. And I really must say that Friendica has become my favourite network!

“Why is that so?”, you may ask. Let me try to explain that briefly:

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Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance is a very resourceful website for teachers and for all those that care about the issue of #tolerance.

#100DaysToOffload – 24

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Dear friends,

During this period I receive/read many publications from many friends wishing me/us a “Merry Christmas” and “a happy New Year”, which is very kind of you. And I really thank you for taking the time and being so kind!

This is always a strange time to me because I don't reply with the same type of wishes, and I can feel your disappointment... That happens because we don't celebrate Christmas. So, I try to answer as politely as I can, in order not to hurt anyone's feelings. I really would hate if my words would cause that to anybody!

But I feel that some of you feel strange about this... How can he be Christian and not celebrate Christmas?, I almost hear you ask yourselves! And that is a legitimate question.

Well, let me try to explain this in a simple way.

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A reply of a friend to one of my posts reminded me of writing this short post regarding the writing of good documentation for any given Open Source project.

We all know that most great projects that have been developed by the community possess good documentation that help all those that, sometimes, have some kind of difficulty using them. But there are also many great projects out there that lack any type of documentation entirely! It is my belief that this shouldn't happen!

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Dear friends,

I've just received this information regarding the Free Software Foundation High Priority Free Software Projects list.

“The High Priority Free Software Projects (HPP) initiative draws attention to areas of improvement to the HPP list and specific projects of great strategic importance to the goal of freedom for all computer users. Longtime committee member Benjamin Mako Hill said previously that an “updated High Priority Projects list is a description of the most important threats, and most critical opportunities, that free software faces in the modern computing landscape.” As computing is more ubiquitous than ever, the HPP list must reflect ongoing changes in priorities for the free software movement. The committee is starting the new process of updating the HPP, and we need your input.

We need your input! Send your suggested changes for the list to by January 8, 2021.

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I first heard about Markdown about two years ago when I started keeping a simple blog on, Escrito à máquina.... Since then, I've been trying to find a simple but good Markdown editor so that I can write my blog posts and some other texts using Markdown even when I'm not online and save them on my computer without having to go the copy>new document>paste>save route.

Even though I've been using a GNU/Linux system for about twenty years, I'm not am IT guy. I value good software, i. e., software that common people, people like me, people that are not IT gurus can use without having to take an IT degree! I also value Free software and I like to support those who dedicate their time and their expertise to the community whenever I can.

So, when I search for a programme, I look for simplicity, functionality, a programme or service that is reliable and gets the job done. Preferably, well done! And I prefer Open Source, Free software!

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The human being is a social creature: everybody lives in a society and establishes his/her/their social networks. It happens both in real life and in the digital world, which is also part of real life.

In the real world the smaller communities interact with each other and with the bigger ones and the human being has created ways to enable the communication between them all regardless of the distance that separates them.

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The Gulag Archipelago

When time is a problem there's always a way for you to go on “reading” your favourite books! I've found that listening to them while you are doing your house chores or while you wait for someone or for the bus is a great way to enjoy the pleasure of “reading” a good book. It can even make a dull activity become enjoyable!

At the moment I'm enjoying listening to “The Gulag Archipelago”, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. What a great book! What an enormous human experience!

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City of Broken Promises

A while ago a friend wrote a brief review of this book and it immediately caught my attention! Now it's my turn to tell you what I thought about it.

My attention was caught by the fact that it is set up in Macao, an “ancient [ex-]Portuguese colony” and it's about the true love story between an East India Company officer, Thomas van Mierop, and his mistress, Martha.

Let me tell you that this is not going to be a deep review of the book. That, my dear reader, will have to be done by yourself!

But I can tell you that the book met all my expectations:

  • It is a vivid portrait of 18th century Macao;
  • It pictures the Portuguese presence in Macao with absolute clarity;
  • It draws a perfect image of the British presence in Macao;
  • It depicts clearly the Chinese community in Macao;
  • It shows us the intricate relations that were established between these societies and how that made Macao society and all its complexity;
  • It presents us with a beautiful love story that overcomes all the complex relations between all these communities and lives beyond the end of the book.

So, if you like History and a bit of romance, as well as understanding the way societies and human relations have evolved through times, this is a great read!

It is also a great read if you enjoy a well written book!

In the end, there's only one thing I'm yet to understand: How on Earth hasn't a film been made based on this beautiful story?!

#100DaysToOffload – 2 #books

My Tuxedo

Today, exactly two months have passed since I've received my Tuxedo PC and I decided that I had to upgrade it from TuxedoOS 18.04 LTS to TuxedoOS 20.04 LTS, a flavour of Ubuntu with Budgie desktop.

To do this I used their WebFAI tool that automates the whole process. have really created a great way to upgrade their machines, making it a no-brainer process! Everything went on flawlessly and during the afternoon I was able to perform the upgrade, install all the programmes that I need, another complete distro on VirtualBox and Windows 10 + Office and some other programmes on a second VirtualBox installation! And all my hardware is also set up!

What else can I say? Perhaps that Linux rocks and Tuxedo Computers rocks too!

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