Not @ you?!

Every now and then I come across a post on the Fediverse on the subject “not @ me” and I always find it interesting to see the point to which people go to stand for their right to use this formula in order not to receive any response to whatever subject they are writing or venting about! They even become aggressive and impolite!

From my stand point, this is a very easy way to avoid having to reply to someone with a different opinion and I can't understand it unless I look at it from the perspective of someone who is extremely selfish. I can't even fathom the reason why someone would want to say something in the middle of a crowd and expect/force everybody else not to answer, no matter what he/she/they is/are saying! Why would someone do that in the first place?! And, how come that someone might think he/she/they is/are entitled the right to deprive the others from their own rights?! Is freedom of speech something that is only good when applied to oneself?! Can I deprive the others from the rights that I treasure so much?!

This issue is also related to my first bad experience on the Fediverse: after more than two decades on the Internet, I came across a lady that felt very offended because I had replied to a “not @ me”. I didn't know the meaning of that at that time because I didn't use to use certain networks. I wasn't impolite and I apologised. And I kept receiving aggressive replies to my apologies! I stopped, obviously!

How come that someone's right to “not @ me” can take precedence over their duty to respect the others? Can't anyone make a mistake these days anymore? Perhaps it would be good if those people who fight with such aggressiveness for their “God given” right to “not @ me” started learning some manners too! They come handy everywhere!

And, no, I'm not going to use it!

#freedomofspeech #freedom #respect #fediverse #socialnetworks