Moving away from Google services...

It's true, I really think that any kind of monopoly is bad. So, in January, I started to move away from the big corporations, namely #Facebook and its subsidiary companies... Now it's Google's turn.

Quietly and calmly I'm returning to use the Internet in a more discrete way. And I'm recovering the #control over all my data.

No, I'll not go mad about it, but that's the way it's going to be.

For that I've restarted to use my own cloud service, #Nextcloud and its apps, and Android apps like #DAVx5, #ICSx5 and #OpenTasks to help me organize my contacts, calendar and daily tasks. For GPS I use #NDrive, a Portuguese service.

I may even pay a fair price for the use of some services that provide me with something useful. Companies have to survive and I really like using services from smaller companies, provided that they respect me and my data. That's the case of all the mentioned services I've referred above. And most of them are also Open Source!

And what about #GMail? – you may ask. Well, I've my own e-mail address and I'm using #Migadu. Regarding e-mail service I think it's as good as Google's service and much better priced! And there's also #ProtonMail, #Tutanota, etc... And the good old e-mail client #Thunderbird.

What about #Google search? I use #Qwant, #searX. And some others. I don't like to eat always at the same restaurant, so to speak...

I truly believe that, if we all did something similar, the Internet would be a much better place, with many more companies working to provide us with better and more varied services. And we would be freer from all this daily #surveillance that we still don't know where it will lead us all...

Oh! And this post was written using and #Firefox. No #Chrome here and no adds.

I'm not isolated, nor am I immune to all publicity, but I'm much less exposed and much less distracted by garbage!