Couch travelling I – Norway

Before I start, let me make a brief introduction to this series of blog entries that I'm about to start, so that I may contextualize them.

I'm a very curious person. I love learning about new people, new cultures, new countries. Well, we can say that I love everything new, and old too!

And I also like using computers, writing blog entries and using social networks. Federated, open source, decentralized social networks, that is. Well, the Fediverse.

One of the reasons why I like social media is because we get to know a bit about other people. Unfortunately, we usually don't get the chance to know much about their culture or their countries because people don't talk much about that on social media. People usually focus on computer talk, causes, hobbies, etc. Not that that's wrong. No, by no means! It's just that I really miss that cultural part of our existence as human beings who share this beautiful home: the Earth!

Yes, I know I could watch National Geographic, Discovery, History and Odisseia. And I do! But nothing beats a first hand information or experience that we share with someone!

So, I decided that I should do something about it! And there's nothing better than a good search engine to start my quest! So, I fired MetaGer and decided to search for some interesting facts about one of the countries that I really like: Norway!

You're probably thinking: Why didn't he start by talking about Portugal?!

Well, I already know a lot about my country. But, I can assure you, there's still much to learn about it. I'll leave that for another day, though!

Another option I've made, writing only in English, is justified because I want these series to be able to be read by anyone who also loves travelling, whether you do it on your couch or by any other means. This way you'll all be able to read my impressions and contribute with your comments on social media or add your first hand experience. I'd love to hear from you!

I've been an open source software user and fan for about 20 years now and these articles will be written using open source tools and none of the big data stealing corporation tools will be used here. In the process I'll also try to develop my knowledge on Markdown formatting and Vim.

Also, I won't use any photos. I want this to be as similar to a notebook, in which I'll gather information about my trips, as possible. I want it to be simple! I'm sure you'll find beautiful photos and films through the links that the good old search engines will offer us!

I'll follow no particular country order... I'll follow my instincts. But, I promise, I'll pay a visit to your country, soon. And I'm counting on you to help me learn a bit more about your beautiful county too!

To Norway we go!

So, why Norway? Well... Because... Wow! I really love the scenery! The landscapes are absolutely breathtaking and I also like the people's “philosophy”. And I love the way villages integrate in nature, the typical houses, the magnificent fjords and I find it absolutely amazing how the people of Norway have built a fair, prosperous and advanced society in a region where “life” can be very cold during a significant part of the year.

MetaGer has pointed me to this interesting site where I found very interesting information about Norway: Life in Norway. There are many interesting facts about this beautiful country there ranging from the natural beauties to the people's way of living. One that I find very interesting from this point of view is point #8. This one says much about how evolved this society is. Points 1, 3, 9, 10, 20,... are also very interesting!

That page has many other interesting facts about Norway. So, feel free to explore it.

If you're Norwegian or have already visited this beautiful country, feel free to leave some comments of your own if you like. I'd love to know more about this nice country and there's noting better than first hand information!

I wish you all great travelling adventures!

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