– A great XMPP client


XMPP has been around since 1999 and it is really such a power standard that we can use for our on-line communications that it is difficult for me to understand how it is possible that so many people aren't aware of its potentialities and live under the restrictive dependence of the big corporations that exploit them.

No one should have to change their favourite IM client to be able to talk to friends and family as they don't have to change their car just because they want to drive to a nearby town to visit family! And that's possible with XMPP. Moreover, it's also possible to talk securely and privately using one of the many XMPP clients like And you can also create private and encrypted groups with this client. is a fork of Conversations and I find it to be better organised and with better support than the later.

If you haven't tried it, I high commend it. It is a very powerful communication tool that puts in our hands all the power of the XMPP universal messaging standard!

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